Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wikileaks "history insurance" file on BitTorent

Wikileaks posted what they called "history insurance" file on BitTorent. The file is encrypted and can only be decoded with a special password key. In case 'something happens' to Wikileaks, they will release the decryption key for the world to unlock the file.
  • Tweet from @Wikileaks on Nov 25 2010: Now is a good time to download some "history insurance" - BitTorrent link
Pretty awesome idea to use BitTorrent. BitTorrent downloads are nearly impossible to stop once initiated because it is a peer-to-peer protocol.

According to this informal poll on CBC News site, as this post is being written, 71 thousand people voted, with 81.95% in favor of Wikileaks publishing sensitive information. However, Wikileaks may not be able to uncover and release much more in the future as Julian Assange is now wanted by Interpol, the International Criminal Police organization and soon probably by many more organizations. Here is Julian Interpol page.